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1 in 5 people are neurodivergent – let's make work better for everyone.

Become a more inclusive business and you'll have a happier, healthier, more productive team. Plus, you’ll be helping a previously overlooked group reach their full potential at work.

Tell me about neurodiversity

A helping hand, wherever you need it

We’ve been there and lived through the ups and downs of being neurodivergent at work. Our community of more than 1000 neurodivergent people have too. Whatever stage of the inclusivity journey you’re at, we can help, and you can always trust our advice comes from real experiences.

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Learn how to attract and retain neurodivergent people with our eBook, filled with 30 insights on how to make them feel supported at work. Based on the real life experience of our community of differently wired folks.

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One-to-one workshops

Spend time with one of our team to talk neurodiversity. Bring your own agenda to the table - we can help you get started, work through problems, or anything else. Great for if you don’t know where to start with inclusivity.

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Get yourself and your team trained in neurodiversity, covering topics like an introduction to neurodivergence, condition deep dives, inclusive recruiting, and more; based on research and lived experience.

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Access our full Inclusive Library of pre-recorded training, templates, our Neuroinclusive Employer certification, and more. Plans start at £99 a month and there’s something for every size of company.

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Bridging the gap between neurodivergent people and employers

neurodivergent adjective

An awesome person whose brain works a bit differently. They may have ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia (DCD), developmental language disorder, or other developmental disabilities and/or mental health conditions (they can often overlap too).

Opposite to neurotypical. Not meant to be fixed — there’s no one “right” way to be.

There’s nothing wrong with neurodivergent people; our brains are simply wired differently, making it tough to navigate some parts of society.

Workplaces can be particularly difficult for this group because they weren’t built with us in mind, meaning it takes a lot of energy to fit in (which can detract from our actual work). But if you create the right environment, invite us to the table, and ask us what we need, neurodivergent people are brilliant team members that bring a whole load of value.

Learning how to make your workplace more inclusive to better support neurodivergent people will make your business a happier, more creative place. At the same time our community for neurodivergent people is helping differently-wired folks find out more about their conditions and how to manage them at work.

Together, we’re helping create a better workplace for everyone.

How inclusive is your company?

We'll help you learn from lived experience

Before we get started, we’ll place you on our Inclusivity Spectrum to get an idea of the areas you need the most help with. Answer a few questions and we’ll do the rest.

After that, we’ll work with you to make your workplace more inclusive. We can either run training sessions or workshops, or you can become a member and get access to all our resources:

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    Data gathering

    Get the info you need to monitor diversity in your business so you can track progress and see your inclusivity and diversity improve.

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    On-demand resources

    Find the answers to all the questions you were too scared to ask, plus pre-recorded training, in our Inclusive Encyclopedia.

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    Get a head start with our templates. Use them to create HR policies, materials for managers, informative guides, and more.

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    Become one of the first Neuroinclusive Employers, showing the world and potential candidates your commitment to inclusivity at work.

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    Job matching

    Start actively recruiting more neurodivergent talent with access to our 1000+ community. Plus, make your hiring process more inclusive.

“Ideally I’d like my team to be more aware of people's differences and embrace them, rather than making it seem like each person needs to work in the exact same way.”
99% of our neurodivergent community said they found work difficult because of their differently wired brains. We need to make the workplace more supportive and inclusive for everyone. Will you join us?

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