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We’re all wired differently so let’s make the workplace a more inclusive, happier place

Our mission

We want to equip businesses with the tools they need to support their people, making workplaces better and more inclusive for everyone.

To start with, we’re tackling neurodiversity. 20% of the population are neurodivergent; for those of us with ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dyslexia, dyspraxia, or other developmental disabilities or mental health conditions, the world of work can be a tough place.

This group of people has historically been overlooked and underestimated because of the perceived differences or “challenges” associated with them. In reality, there is nothing wrong with neurodivergent people — we’re just wired differently and the way society is set up can sometimes be hard for us.

With the right support and guidance, neurodivergent folks can achieve great things. Our first community, Neuroinclusive Jobs, is built to help make this happen for all our differently-wired friends.

“I can write a book in two days, but sometimes travelling into an office is too much for me.”
“I can run teams of 100+ people with huge budgets, but I find eye contact difficult.”
“I can put together an event in a day, but sometimes I misplace my keys or office lanyard.”
A photo of James Inman

“I can’t talk to someone new without a fidget toy. What would you think if I walked into a job interview?”

Just because we struggle with the traditional way workplaces are run, are we less capable of doing our jobs?

James, our founder, is neurodivergent and has never quite felt like he fitted in at work. When James started to think about some of the things he’d need in a new job, he realised how few companies are set up to help neurodivergent people thrive.

Trying to fit into the “normal” way of doing things costs neurodivergent people precious energy. It means that when we don’t fit the mould, we’re called “weird” or “too much”. We’re alienated, passed over for advancement, or even let go. Or, we burn out and leave our jobs.

The one-size-fits all approach is costing businesses dearly. They’re missing out on top talent, either because they can’t attract or can’t keep hold of them. And it’s costing people their careers and happiness.

We believe things need to change.

We are Inclusive Jobs. Are you with us?

Meet our team

We’re a small bunch of committed people who want to make a difference. We’ve run businesses, built teams, smashed targets, and now we’re joining together to create something we believe in.

We don’t just bring experience in diversity, equality and inclusion: we’ve lived it. We’ve all worked in environments where we’ve felt like we don’t belong. We want to build a world where that doesn’t happen to anyone else.

  • A photo of James Inman

    James Inman

    CEO and Founder

    Diagnosed with dyspraxia at a young age, James struggled with school. He dropped out of university, unable to fit in, to start his first business, CPOMS. James went on to work in tech and product management before founding an award-winning digital agency, and spent the last few years in leadership in private equity-backed tech companies. In 2023, newly diagnosed with ADHD, he began building Inclusive Jobs.

  • A photo of Georgina Shute

    Georgina Shute

    Head of Strategy

    Georgina is an ADHD coach, trainer, neurodivergent digital leader, and charity founder. She has experience leading digital transformations for some of the UK’s biggest brands, building high performing data and software teams. At Inclusive Jobs, she supports by leading on our technology and data strategies, and embedding best practice for working with neurodiverse teams.

  • A photo of Katie Orman

    Katie Orman

    Head of People, Culture & Inclusivity

    Katie is a HR professional who’s worked in both public and private sector organisations. Specialising in employee wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, and employee engagement, she is all about creating inclusive, people-first cultures where everyone can do great work. At Inclusive Jobs, Katie is in charge of all things HR and is helping build our Inclusivity Certification audit.

  • A photo of Cassandra Swanwick

    Cassandra Swanwick

    Head of Marketing

    Cassandra is a marketing person who also loves crossfit and mountain climbing with cocker spaniels (her own, mostly). She’s been working in graphic design and branding and heads up our marketing team at Inclusive Jobs, responsible for campaigns and growth. Cassandra has found the “typical” workplace hard to navigate and is awaiting an ADHD diagnosis.

  • A photo of Charlotte Nash

    Charlotte Nash

    Head of Content

    Charlotte has been writing since the age of four, but doing so professionally for about 10 years, and is in charge of the words at Inclusive Jobs. Having found it hard to fit in with most workplaces (probably down to her OCD and likely other, undiagnosed things), she’s spent a lot of her career working freelance, writing for brands that want to have a positive impact on the world.

  • A photo of Alex Townley

    Alex Townley

    Community Manager

    With 12 years experience leading creative teams in everything from animation to banking, Alex is an AuDHDer with a passion for making people happier. After experiencing the rapid cycling career path common to undiagnosed high-masking Autistics and ADHDers, they're keen to use their experience to support those in similar positions, and outside of Inclusive Jobs, they represent the LGBTQIA+ and Disabled communities on elected panels.

  • A photo of Poppy


    Chief Happiness Officer   🐶

    Poppy is a cocker spaniel who sometimes joins in our meetings – she'll be in the office, join in a video call (if she thinks there are treats around) and occasionally bark when we're trying to talk about something important. We're not sure she quite understands inclusivity yet (it must involve people or other spaniels) – but she is very cute and cuddly.

Associates and consultants

We’re proud to work with a network of associates and consultants, who share our vision for creating a more inclusive world, and help us, and our members and community, with their time and expertise.

  • A photo of Evelyn Oluwole

    Evelyn Oluwole

    Client Services

    Evelyn is a dedicated salesperson with 20 years experience working for giants like ASOS and Yahoo. She’s incredibly passionate about improving diversity and inclusion, understanding the challenges of being underrepresented in the field firsthand. Through outreach at Inclusive Jobs, Evelyn is on a mission to uplift and inspire people to make their mark.

  • A photo of Annette Steele

    Annette Steele

    Strategic Partnerships

    Annette has 30 wonderful years of experience in sales and marketing. A people-person at heart, Annette loves creating meaningful connections and forging relationships. She’s committed to spreading the word about Inclusive Jobs and making strong bonds with other organisations that care about inclusivity.

Our values

  1. Live our core mission: to make workplaces more inclusive for everyone. We all believe this in our bones and want to make it happen.
  2. Love what we do. Not everyone gets to work on something with so much potential to make a difference.
  3. Be transparent. We’re as open as we can be both internally and externally, sharing best practices and trying to lead by example.
  4. Check our privilege and be aware. Everything we do comes from a good place, but we might get it wrong sometimes. We’re always trying to be aware of this and recognise that just because we experience something a certain way, it doesn’t mean everyone else does.
  5. Be a team. We’ve got each other’s backs and the backs of our communities. We’ll go the extra mile to help out.

Join Our Team

Ever felt like you don’t fit in at work? Us too! That’s why we’re building Inclusive Jobs and we need people like you to help us.

We’ve only got one criteria for our team: you know what it’s like to be different or excluded and can empathise with people who feel this way. If that’s you and you want to make the world more inclusive, we want to hear from you.

We advertise any open positions but love hearing from people who
share our mission. Many of our team started out freelancing or volunteering for us, and we're all committed to making Inclusive Jobs as friendly and welcoming a workplace as we can.

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