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Making Work Awesome for Everyone: 30 Tips for Inclusivity

Making Work Awesome for Everyone: 30 Tips for Inclusivity

Actionable advice to make your workplace more inclusive

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Neurodiversity is a complex topic, but becoming a more inclusive business doesn’t need to be.

Our new eBook contains 30 insights, based on the real life experiences of neurodivergent people, that’ll help make your workplace a happier, more inclusive, more productive place.

We spoke to our community of 1000+ neurodivergent folks and asked what they needed to feel like they belong in their organisations and to do their best work. Find their answers, personal stories, and advice inside.

Backed by science and our community insights, discover:

  • How to plan neurodivergent-friendly workplace events.
  • How to help people with ADHD to manage tasks and deadlines.
  • How to talk about neurodiversity.
  • How to make sure your office is set up for neurodivergent folks.
  • The one thing most neurodivergent people asked for in our survey.

What's Inside?

Employee Development

  1. Educate yourself
  2. Make people feel comfortable
  3. Be aware of rejection sensitivity dysphoria (RSD)
  4. Remember, not everyone finds reading easy
  5. Give choices
  6. Account for different working styles
  7. Help improve focus

Workplace Environment

  1. Be sensory-friendly
  2. Plan your environment
  3. Be a considerate organiser
  4. Plan for different attention spans
  5. Watch your language
  6. Offer remote or flexible working
  7. Reject the standard 9 to 5
  8. Help with getting around

Communication and Motivation

  1. Look after belongings
  2. Remember, everyone communicates differently
  3. Help people fit in
  4. Guide task management
  5. Motivate your people
  6. Be upfront

Inclusion and Support

  1. Manage deadlines
  2. Reduce anxiety
  3. Signpost decision making
  4. Provide mental health support
  5. Encourage healthy lifestyles
  6. Make your hiring process more inclusive
  7. Do Better When Interviewing
  8. Review meeting etiquette
  9. Create a culture of openness and transparency

What are readers saying?

"Up until a few years ago, I'd never heard the word neurodiverse. But with this book, I’ve learned some brilliant tips that I wouldn’t have thought of. It’s easy to read and I think everyone that gets this book will get a lot out of it. Now I’ve started to make changes in my organisation, the biggest thing I've found is that they help such a large number of employees both neurodivergent and neurotypical."


HR Professional

“The flow is LOVELY and I just wanted to keep on reading and be like, what can I learn next!?”


Researcher, working at UK University

The "Making Work Awesome for Everyone" eBook

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