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Workplaces aren't built for neurodivergent people. Let's change that.

How we help you

Do you know how to speak to your employees about neurodiversity?

Are your HR policies inclusive of people with mental health conditions?

Do your managers know how to help their team members with ADHD or autism do their best work?

Neurodiversity is a complex topic so it’s OK not to have all the answers or to wonder where to start. But becoming a more inclusive business doesn’t need to be difficult when we’re here to support you.

Wherever you are on your journey, we can partner with you to make your workplace more inclusive. Whether you’re just getting started, would like help with enhancing your neuroinclusive policies, or are struggling to recruit neurodivergent people with skills you need, we can help.

There are a few different ways you can work with us. Becoming a member gives you access to all our content and will get you certified as a Neuroinclusive Employer. Alternatively, you can bring us in to train your organisation on a variety of neurodiversity topics or book time with the team to work on any inclusivity area you’d like.

Learn from our resources, training and workshops

Don’t know where to begin with inclusivity? We’ve got you covered.

One-to-one sessions with one of our team can help you create a plan for becoming a more inclusive business. We can start from wherever you’d like, talk through specific issues, help you adapt your policies, and more.

We also run training sessions for your leaders, managers, or the whole team on different neurodiversity topics — backed by a combination of research and lived experience from our team and community members.

Become a member

Inclusive Jobs members gain access to our full library of content, designed to help bridge the gap between employers and neurodivergent employees.

As a member, you can:

  • Find out how inclusive your business is with our quick quiz (everyone starts here)
  • Watch webinars on specific topics, from the right language to use when talking about neurodiversity to changes you can make to help autistic people do their best work
  • Get answers to all your questions in our Inclusive Encyclopedia, filled to the brim with articles that’ll help you become fluent in neurodiversity in no time
  • Attend workshops designed to up your inclusivity game and give you fresh ideas on how to create a sense of belonging
  • Use templates to create new, inclusive resources for your team
  • Set up data collection to get diversity insights from your people in a non-invasive way
  • Download resources to help you put new inclusive practices into action, like running Employee Resource Groups and making sure your business is set up to support everyone
  • Learn how to recruit and retain neurodivergent people
  • Post unlimited job ads, based on the things that really matter to neurodivergent people, to our community of thousands of differently-wired folks
  • Become certified as a Neuroinclusive Employer, showing your commitment to inclusivity in the workplace to potential employees, stakeholders, and customers