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Become a Neuroinclusive Employer

More than 75% of potential employees consider how diverse a company is when deciding on their next job. But there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done to make workplaces more inclusive and diverse considering 65% of neurodivergent people don’t disclose their condition at work for fear of discrimination.

An inclusive workplace isn’t a “nice-to-have'' extra. It’s essential for businesses that want to attract, retain, and get the best out of talented individuals. And equally important, it’s the right thing to do.

One of the best ways to improve is to look at where you are now in comparison to where you want to be. We’ll help you do this and guide you on your journey to becoming a Neuroinclusive Employer.

1. We'll place you on the Inclusivity Spectrum

When you first join up with us, you’ll answer a few questions to see where you sit on our Inclusivity Spectrum.

Depending on how your business answers, you’ll be:


You recognise inclusivity is important and are at the beginning of your journey.

Almost there

You've got quite a few neurodivergent people on your team but you're not really sure how best to support them.

Set up for success

You've got some ideas about the policies you need to tailor to neurodivergent people but haven't got many team members from this group working with you yet.

Smashing it

Your policies are sorted and you've got a happy team full of well-supported neurodivergent people.

Your place on the Inclusivity Spectrum will be displayed on your Inclusive Jobs profile, letting our community of neurodivergent people (your potential new team members) know how inclusive your business is.

And don’t worry, it’s not set in stone. You can always climb your way up the Inclusivity Spectrum so once you’ve found your current place, we’ll get you started with lots of resources to help you improve (or keep your spot if you’re smashing it).

2. You’ll immerse yourself in neurodiversity knowledge

Using the tailored resources and wider knowledge on our platform, it’s time to start making improvements in your business. It could be anything from changing video call policies to allow cameras off, to offering employee mental health days, no questions asked.

3. We’ll certify you as a Neuroinclusive Employer

Once you’ve been with us for a little while, you’ll be eligible for our Inclusivity Certification. This deep dive takes a bit longer. Our team will work closely with stakeholders in your organisation to look at every aspect of your business (such as hiring processes, HR policies, general culture). We’ll do this at a time of year when you’ve got some capacity - we’ll need between 1-3 days of your time, depending on the size of your business.

From this, we’ll calculate your inclusivity score and your business will be certified as a Neuroinclusive Employer of Bronze, Silver or Gold level.

  • Bronze means you’re at the start of your journey and need some work.
  • Silver means you’re doing well and have some good policies in place, but there’s still plenty you can do to improve.
  • Gold means your business is as inclusive as they come.

You can request a new audit once per year, giving you time to work on anything you might need to improve to get to the next level.

4. You’ll tell the world

You’re certified as a Neuroinclusive Employer 🥳 Now you can display your badge on your website, LinkedIn, or anywhere else to show candidates that you’re committed to inclusivity in the workplace. It’ll also be on your Inclusive Jobs profile.

5. We’ll help you continue to make things better

The work doesn’t stop there. There’s always more we can do to make the world more inclusive, so let’s get on it.

You’ll have specific areas to work on from your Inclusivity Certification so we’ll guide you on how to improve. You’ll get tailored reports, recommendations, and best practice examples to make your business even more inclusive.

When next year comes, you’ll go through the Inclusivity Certification again, hopefully climbing up the tiers until you make it to Gold.